Contract Fee Instructors

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department is a progressive municipal agency committed to improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors by providing a variety of recreational and leisure experiences in our communities.  

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to offer our residents. If you are interested in contributing your knowledge and expertise to enrich the lives of others in our communities, please fill out a Contract Instructor Proposoal Form. Your participation and involvement will complement the diversity of our programming and contribute to the overall success of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. 

Once you have submitted the Contract Instructor Proposal Form, someone with our Recreation Services team will contact you and assist you with the remaining steps in the process to become a Contract Fee Instructor with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Additional Info

Please note, if your business uses an "LLC", "Inc.", "Co.", or "Corp.', you  must register with the Secretary of State; and if you use "DBA" in your signature or business name, you must register with the County Clerk. Proof of this registration must be submitted with your Contract Fee Application.

Contract Fee Instructor Manual

Find everything you need to know about being a Contract Fee Instructor with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department. 


Contract Fee Instructor Forms

Once directed by your Recreation Services team member, please fill out and submit each form electronically.