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The opportunities to volunteer at the Park & Recreation Department are endless. We are always looking for those who are willing to share their talents by volunteering as coaches, referees, instructors, etc.  Volunteering is a great way to connect to the community and make a difference in your neighborhood.

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We want you to be our friend!  The Park & Recreation Department has numerous established friends groups throughout the city that support parks and programs through volunteer service, fundraising and beautification efforts.
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  1. Recreation Center Program Ideas

    We want to hear your thoughts on future programs at Dallas recreation centers. What would you like to see?

  2. Dog Park East Dallas

    Hillview park in East Dallas is an underutilized park. It is a very pretty park and I enjoy walking there. There is a huge field, a playground and a basketball court. No one uses the field area whatsoever. I proposed placing a dog park at one end of the park and improving the basketball court and the playground. This area/neighborhood needs revitalizing. There are under privileged kids on the basketball court, which is great! But I think the area would be safer for the kids and others if it was dog friendly and more attention was placed here. Sometimes I hear screaming/yelling/fighting and I'm pretty sure thugs/gang members are disturbing the basketball players. It would be much closer for those of us who live east of white rock lake than the mockingbird dog park. I would be happy to involved in the process, just don't know how to begin or if it's even possible. The basketball court needs a water fountain too.

  3. Convert Unused Turtle Creek Parkway Park "Athletic" Field into Wildflower & Native Plant Area

    The Turtle Creek Parkway Park has an "athletic" field located between Park Bridge Ct and Cedar Springs Rd that runs along Turtle Creek Blvd. The "athletic" field is not used for sports despite it's name. The current patrons use the area for nature walks and a place for dogs to run. Many birds and animals inhabit this gorgeous oasis in the city such as Herons, wood ducks, birds, and turtles. This area could be easily converted into a wildflower and native plant field with natural pathways and trails. It would benefit both the residents and the wildlife. It is heartbreaking to watch the city mow down the wild field pansies, wild onions, and other flowers that manage to exist despite the city's aggressive mowing due to the classification of this area as a "athletic" field.

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