Dallas City Code - Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - Parks and Water Reservoirs, of the Dallas City Code governs the use of park property and regulates activities within parks.  The articles and section of Chapter 32 are listed below or you can follow the link to Chapter 32 in its' entirety.


Sec. 32-1.   Safety of patrons generally; limitation of activities by permit.
Sec. 32-2.   Speed limit; driving upon walks.
Sec. 32-3.   Injury to trees, shrubs, fences, etc.
Sec. 32-4.   Abusive, obscene, etc., language or acts.
Sec. 32-5.   Use of commercial vehicles, etc.
Sec. 32-6.   Dogs at large.
Sec. 32-6.1   Off-leash sites for dogs.
Sec. 32-7.   Protection of fish, animals, and fowl.
Sec. 32-8.   Driving and parking vehicles.
Sec. 32-9.   Schedules for operating facilities.
Sec. 32-9.1.   Hours of closure for public parks and park amenities.
Sec. 32-10.   Sale of services or goods on park property.
Sec. 32-11.   Promulgation and posting of rules and regulations.
Sec. 32-11.1.   Public shooting ranges.
Sec. 32-11.2.   Hang-gliders, para-sails, para-kites, parachutes, and similar devices prohibited; defense.
Sec. 32-11.3.   Possession of alcoholic beverages in parks.
Sec. 32-11.4.   Noises interfering with enjoyment of public park and recreation areas.


Division 1.  Generally.

Sec. 32-11.5.   Fair park boundaries.
Sec. 32-12.   "State fair area" defined.
Sec. 32-13.   Purpose of article.
Sec. 32-14.   Applicability of building code.
Sec. 32-15.   Regulations pertaining to structures used one month or less.
Sec. 32-16.   Rides, elevators, hoists, etc.
Sec. 32-17.   Temporary waste lines.
Sec. 32-18.   Electrical wiring.
Sec. 32-19.   Use, storage, etc., of liquefied petroleum gases.
Sec. 32-20.   Authority of building inspector and fire marshal.

Division 2.  Fair Park Parking Area and Fair Park Parking Licenses.

Sec. 32-21.    Definitions.
Sec. 32-22.    Fair Park parking license required.
Sec. 32-23.    License application.
Sec. 32-24.    Investigation of application.
Sec. 32-25.    Issuance of license; expiration.
Sec. 32-26.    License fee.
Sec. 32-27.    License revocation; appeal.
Sec. 32-28.    Supervising attendant; display of license.
Sec. 32-28.1.    Fair Park parking area - Maximum parking fee.
Sec. 32-28.2.    Posting of parking fees required.
Sec. 32-28.3.    Posting signs to prohibit parking on certain property near Fair Park.


Sec. 32-29.   Hours of opening and closing - Established; exceptions.
Sec. 32-30.   Same - Notice of closing hours.
Sec. 32-31.   Same - Remaining in zoo after closing hours.


Division 1.  Generally.

Sec. 32-32.   Jurisdiction of park board subject to primary right of waterworks department.
Sec. 32-33.   Authority of city police on reservoir property.
Sec. 32-34.   Powers and duties of superintendent of White Rock Lake generally.
Sec. 32-35.   Disturbing trees and shrubs; gathering pecans.
Sec. 32-36.   Commercial vehicles prohibited; speed limit of vehicles.
Sec. 32-37.   Seining for minnows.
Sec. 32-38.   Taking fish from hatchery.
Sec. 32-39.   Swimming.

Division 2.  Operation of Boats.

Sec. 32-40.   Equipment prohibited on the water.
Sec. 32-41.   Sanitary requirements generally.
Sec. 32-42.   Prohibition of boats to suppress epidemic.
Sec. 32-43.   Use of boat under influence of intoxicants; forfeiture of license for violation of section.
Sec. 32-44.   Special recreational events.
Sec. 32-45.   Manner of operation generally.
Sec. 32-46.   Passenger capacity.
Sec. 32-47.   Life preservers; lights; mufflers; speed.
Sec. 32-48.   Seaworthiness generally; impounding loose boats.
Sec. 32-49.   Sirens.
Sec. 32-50.   Catching fish for sale.
Sec. 32-51.   Designation of area for anchoring sailboats.
Sec. 32-52.   Inspection and approval prerequisite to issuance of licenses.
Sec. 32-53.   Impoundment for lack of license; redemption.
Sec. 32-54.   Disposition of impounded boats for normal sales to redeem.


Sec. 32-55.   Polluting waters.
Sec. 32-56.   Creating filth.
Sec. 32-57.   Activities prohibited by two preceding sections deemed nuisances.
Sec. 32-58.   Authority of director of public health and chief of police.
Sec. 32-59.   Power and authority of city; guards.
Sec. 32-60.   Penalty; civil actions.


Sec. 32-61.   Temporary scope.
Sec. 32-62.   Definitions.
Sec. 32-63.   Construction prohibited.
Sec. 32-64.   Solicitation prohibited.
Sec. 32-65.   Restricted areas.
Sec. 32-66.   Trespassing prohibited in certain areas.
Sec. 32-67.   Destruction of city property.
Sec. 32-68.   Use of firearms and other discharge devices prohibited.
Sec. 32-69.   Discarding of waste prohibited.
Sec. 32-70.   Gasoline or oil storage.
Sec. 32-71.   Advertisements.
Sec. 32-72.   Prohibited uses.
Sec. 32-73.   Diversion of water prohibited.
Sec. 32-74.   Abandonment of personal property.
Sec. 32-75.   Fishing prohibited in certain areas.
Sec. 32-76.   Commercial fishing prohibited.
Sec. 32-77.   Hunting prohibited.
Sec. 32-78.   Camping prohibited in certain areas.
Sec. 32-79.   Picnicking in designated areas.
Sec. 32-80.   Recreational programs.
Sec. 32-81.   Vehicle control
Sec. 32-82.   Local additions to the Texas Water Safety Act.
Sec. 32-83.   Authority to enforce.