Outdoor Adventures Programs

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department in partnership with The Dallas Parks Foundation is excited to offer the Dallas Outdoor Adventures program which seeks to provide Dallas youth with outdoor recreational programs including overnight camping, outdoor cooking, nature photography, kayaking and mountain biking and more!

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Family Classes (Youth & at least 1 Guardian)

Fishing - Ages 5 & Up

Enjoy a fishing excursion with the family! Participants will learn the fundamentals of fishing in Texas, including how to cast a reel and if you’re lucky… how to reel in the big one!  Fishing rod and bait will be provided. *Adults fishing must have a valid fishing license.  

Bachman LakeSat10/24/20Multiple Time Slots
Kidd Springs PondSat10/10/20Multiple Time Slots
Kleberg Rylie PondSat11/7/20Multiple Time Slots

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Kayaking - Ages 8 & Up

Your family will have a great time together in this introductory-level course which teaches participants the fundamentals of kayaking.   The course consists of water safety and paddling techniques for the first 30 minutes of the program followed by an exciting one-hour adventure including games and a guided tour through the beautiful White Rock Lake.   Kayaks, paddles and Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are provided. All participants must be able to confidently swim. 

White Rock LakeSat10/3/20Multiple Time Slots

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Mountain Biking Adventure - Ages 8 & Up

This is a  beginner-level course which teaches participants the fundamentals of mountain biking for both adults and youth.  The course consists of skill development for the first hour followed by an exciting one-hour, dirt trail ride through the beautiful Texas woods.  Bicycles and helmets are provided. **SPECIAL NOTE: All participants must be able to confidently ride a two-wheel bicycle. This is not a “Learn to ride a bicycle” course. 

Harry Moss ParkSat9/26/20Multiple Time Slots

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Nature Photography - Ages 7 & Up

The beautiful outdoors around us is deserving of being captured through the lens of a camera.  Each participant will use provided cameras and learn photography techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Contrast, Diagonal Lines, Use of Color and Framing.  Participants will be emailed a digital copy of their favorite picture taken in the session.

Kiest Park
Multiple Time Slots

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Geocaching - Ages 5 & Up

It’s a nature-based treasure hunt using modern-day technology!   Geo (world) + Cache (hidden treasure) = Geocaching!   Explore the outdoors using GPS devices to find treasures located around the park.   Each individual will be provided with a GPS device.

Grauwyler ParkSat10/17Multiple Time Slots

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Nature Explorers - Ages 5 & Up 

Connect with nature and learn to be a better steward of nature’s resources! Participants will explore different species, learn about food webs and food chains, and create butterfly and bird feeders to help nature’s pollinators do their job!

White Rock Lake Bath HouseSat9/12/20Multiple Time Slots

LB Houston Nature TrailsSat9/19/20Multiple Time Slots

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