Summer Camp Registration Info

Registration Information

This year the Dallas Park and Recreation Department will utilize a Lottery Registration process. We expect demand to exceed capacity. To allow everyone interested in summer camp an equal opportunity at obtaining a spot, we will be conducting Summer Camp registration through a lottery system. Lottery registration will be open Monday, March 20 – Saturday, March 25. There is not a fee to register for the lottery. You may register for the lottery in person or online.


You may register for the lottery in-person at the recreation center where you wish to attend summer camp. Hours of operation to register in person are listed below:

March 20 - 23

Monday - Thursday

9am - 8pm

March 24


9am - 7pm

March 25


9am - 2pm


To register online, visit our Summer Camp registration page. Find the camp you would like to register for and enroll each camper individually.

If you have two (or more) children that you want to enroll in the same camp, you may use the Lottery Friends option. Each household member must enroll individually and select the other as a Lottery Friend for this to take effect.

Once you have registered in the lottery, you will receive an Activity Sales Receipt via email that lists the lottery enrollment for each household member enrolled and the class details. It will be noted on your receipt that lottery enrollment does not guarantee a spot in the class.


On Monday, March 27, at 12pm, the lottery will be completed and the registration system will randomly place campers in camps. Once a location is full, all remaining campers will be placed in order on the wait list. As soon as the lottery is complete, the system will send a confirmation email to everyone who registered informing them of the status of their registration. The status will either say "Enrolled" or "Waitlist #." If your status is enrolled, parents/guardians will have Tuesday, March 28th through Saturday April 1st at 2:00pm to make your payment and confirm registration. After that time your spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist. If you applied for and were approved for a scholarship, payment will automatically be applied.
 If camps still have spots available after the lottery is completed and all waitlist enrollees have been given a chance to claim any open lottery spots, the camp will open to the public for regular enrollment on a first come, first served basis beginning Monday, April 3rd. Summer camp registration will conclude once designated slots are filled. No additional campers will be added once camp has started.


Spaces are only open to Dallas residents. 

  • March 20-March 25 - Lottery Registration Open
  • March 27 - Lottery Drawing
  • March 28th - April 1 - Lottery winners complete registration
  • April 3 - If space is still available, registration will open until filled