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Who are the Eco Warriors?

The Dallas Park & Recreation Department is committed to sustain, protect, and reduce its environmental impact. In November of 2019, the Eco Warriors, a green team for Park and Recreation employees, was established to take the organization to the next level and work to incorporate sustainability into the daily processes and cultivate a culture with sustainability at its core. Thirty employees from all divisions of the department meet monthly to work on environmental initiatives to reduce the department’s environmental impact. These initiatives include waste reduction, recycling, using green cleaning products, fleet improvements, increasing organically maintained landscaping, reducing greenhouse gases, and increasing building efficiencies.

The divisions participating in Eco Warriors include Marketing, Aquatics, Reservations, Recreation Services, Environmental Division, Facility Services, Youth Services, Planning & Design, Park Maintenance Operations, Golf Maintenance, and Support Services.


Eco Warriors Mission Statement

The Eco Warriors bring together Park and Recreation Department's employees to promote positive impacts on the environment. The Eco Warriors invite all Park and Recreation employees to participate in the Greening Dallas Parks initiative. Eco Warriors promote the message that we each have a part to play in the environment and every action adds up to make a big difference.


Eco Warriors Newsletter, Greening Dallas Parks!

The Eco Warriors email a newsletter that is approved by the Assistant Director of Administration to the Park & Recreation Department. The newsletter presents environmental topics, initiatives, and programs. The goal of the newsletter is to be friendly, informative, and encourage environmental awareness every day. Please see the links to the Greening Dallas Parks! newsletter. 

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Congratulations Dallas Eco Warriors!

Dallas Park & Recreation won the Environmental Stewardship Award Class I (cities with a population over 75,000) for the Eco Warriors Program given by the DFW Directors Association. The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes an outstanding achievement by a parks and recreation professional or agency resulting in a successful environmental project and conservation measure to sustain and protect the environment and/or reduce the environmental impact made by the agency. The award was presented at the DFW Association Directors meeting on Thursday, April 13th. Johnnie Brumfield, Eco Warrior with the Buildings group, attended the meeting and accepted the award on the Eco Warriors behalf.

Eco Warriors Group Picture at Fair Park

Eco Warriors Award

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