Urban Forestry

The department maintains the health and vigor of trees on Dallas parks to protect the urban canopy through routine tree maintenance, planting, pruning, and removal.


As the Dallas urban canopy ages, it is important to plant and establish new trees to ensure the quality of life for future generations. Forestation and Reforestation efforts are enhanced by Dallas Park and Recreation's tree planting programs. In 2018 the department began the "Branching Out" program. 

Branching Out

This program endeavors to reforest and beautify neighborhood parks and is a partnership between the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and our community partners.
Park sites are selected based on park need and availability. Community partners interested in nominating a park must submit for future consideration no later than May 31st.
Trees will be furnished by the Park and Recreation Department through the City of Dallas Reforestation Fund. Staff will determine the appropriate tree species and planting locations; coordinate site preparation; and tree order/delivery.
Community partners will learn about ideal tree species that thrive in the area; learn proper tree planting techniques; and assist with tree planting.
Adequate irrigation is a key component of the program. Irrigation is purchased and installed through a sponsor or partner, working closely with appropriate staff to ensure compliance with City codes, specifications, and standards.

A Park and Recreation Department Community Program Coordinator will make arrangements with community partners for event day planning, marketing, and recruitment.