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Outdoor Education @ Samuell Farm

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  3. Outdoor Education at Samuell Farm
  4. Session Package Selection
  5. OAP Outdoor Education Courses
  6. Course Descriptions

    Animal Adaptations | 4th-8th grade

    • See how animals have adapted over time in order to survive in their environments

    Aquatic Habitats | 4th-8th grade

    • Learn about the aspects needed for an aquatic ecosystem to function and thrive

    Astronomy | 6th-8th grade

    • This session will teach you how and why the night sky was an important tool to our ancestors

    Fishing | 4th-8th grade

    • There's no better way to learn about water and fish than to try this hobby/sport out for yourself

    Geocaching | 4th-8th grade

    • Learn how to navigate using a GPS and find treasures hidden around Samuell Farm

    Geology | 6th-8th grade

    • Rocks are all around us--learn how to tell key information by what you can see within them

    Greengineering | 4th-8th grade

    • Go green and explore how we can use the wind to help us in our daily lives

    Pond Ecology | 2nd-8th grade

    • This lesson will go into the inner workings of a pond's ecosystem and what happens over time

    Nature Crafts | 2nd-8th grade

    • Get creative by using only things found in nature to create unique works of art

    Nature Photography | 2nd-8th grade

    • Learn how to take photos without a smart phone and even take home a copy of your best shot

    Nature Writing

    • Let's explore the writers who chose nature as their inspiration and create works of your own
  7. Course Descriptions

    Owl Studies | 6th-8th grade

    • Explore owls and what they eat to survive with an introduction to dissection

    Predator & Prey | 4th-8th grade

    • Get to know the interactions of one of nature’s most interesting and wild survival chains

    Soil Studies | 6th-8th grade

    • Get your hands dirty while you learn about what's beneath your feet

    Sounds of Nature | 2th-8th grade

    • Learn how to make the music with nature in this session on sounds found outdoors

    Sustainable Energy | 4th-8th grade

    • See how the sun provides a constant and reliable source of renewable energy everyday

    Team Building | 2nd-8th grade

    • Your class will figure out how to work as a team by combining efforts to achieve a common goal

    Water Conservation | 4th-8th grade

    • We all use water so let's find out how much you can save by reducing, reusing, and recycling

    Water Cycles | 4th-8th grade

    • See the effects of the water cycle in action by exploring one of Earth’s most vital interactions

    Weather Systems | 4th-8th grade

    • Learn how weather systems coincide with the world and our daily lives

    Wilderness Survival | 6th-8th grade

    • Explore how to survive with limited resources through this hands on session
  8. Weather and Cancellation Policy

    Because the programs are facilitated outdoors, depending on the weather forecast we may have a need to cancel the program the day before or the morning of the program.

    • Cancellations due to weather conditions will be made before the end of school on the day before the scheduled trip. A staff member will contact the school in the event of inclement weather via phone or email on the day prior to their scheduled field trip. If the trip is cancelled due to inclement weather, schools will be given the opportunity to reschedule if possible or the deposit will be returned in full.

    In light rain, cold, and sun, scheduled programs continue. Please ensure participants are dressed for the outdoors and bring a water bottle, sun block, bug spray, and wear closed toe shoes and a hat.

    In the case of extreme weather conditions (including but not limited to snow, very cold temperatures, thunderstorms, and heavy rain) Dallas Park and Recreation may cancel or alter the start or end time of the field trip.

    If the school determines the weather is not favorable, please contact us to reschedule. Failure to contact scheduling office will result in a no-show fee. The school’s weather policy may be requested.

  9. School Deposit and Cancellation Policy

    A deposit of $50 must be made by the school upon registration.

    If a school must cancel a scheduled field trip, the school must contact the Manager in writing immediately. If the school cancels the field trip before two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the trip, the $50 deposit will be returned in full. If the school cancels the field trip during the two weeks prior to the scheduled date, the deposit will not be returned. Schools that cancel field trips within the two weeks prior to their scheduled date will not be eligible for rescheduling their field trip.

    Emergencies: If your school has a medical or other emergency and is unable to attend the field trip, please contact us as soon as possible. No refunds or credits will be given for last minute field trip cancellations.

  10. Final Numbers

    Final numbers must be reported at least 14 days prior to your visit. Each student over the number reported will be charged accordingly. If your final number on the day of your trip is lower than the final number reported, there will not be a refund given for students who do not attend the trip.

    Dallas Park and Recreation will invoice the school within 7 business days of the completion of the field trip.

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