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  2. Media Inqury Tracking Form

    Please report all immediate/urgent media-related questions/inquires/concerns to your manager / supervisor AND to Andrea Hawkins (214.670.4678 /

    Use form to report the following: 

    1. Media inquiries / requests you receive 
    2. Contacts you / your facility pursue with area media outlets/reporters, editors, etc.
    3. Contacts pursued on your behalf by partner organizations
    4. Planned  /unexpected media visits
    5. Published / broadcast news stories
    6. Any media-related activity
  3. Media Inquiries
  4. Have you been contacted by the Media? *
  5. Online, Print, Radio, TV, Other (please specify)

  6. Reporter, Editor, News Director, Producer, Promotion/Marketing Manager, etc.

  7. Insert the link to where the story can be found.

  8. Have you pursued contact with media outlets?*
  9. Please list the date and time you pursued contact with any media outlets.

  10. Who did you contact?

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