Out of School Time Sites

School Pick Up Locations

Below are the schools that our Recreation Centers pick up youth at the end of a school day. Depending on the school, pick up will either be staff walking with youth from the school, or staff in a Park and Recreation van.

School NameSpace AvailabilityRecreation Center
A+ Academy ElementaryFULLFireside
Adelfa Callejo ElementarySpace AvailableLarry Johnson
Anne Frank ElementaryLimited Space Available
Annie Webb Blanton ElementaryFULLPleasant Oaks
Arthur Kramer ElementaryLimited Space Available
Billy DadeSpace AvailableMartin Luther King Jr. 
Bowie ElementaryFULLCampbell-Green
Brentfield ElementaryFULLCampbell-Green
C F Carr ElementarySpace Available
Nash Davis
Carpenter ElementarySpace Available
Thurgood Marshall
Celestino Soto ElementaryFULL
Charles Rice Learning CenterSpace Available
Dan D. Rogers ElementaryFULLRidgewood Belcher
Degoyler ElementarySpace Available
Walnut Hill
East Grand Prep.FULL
Samuell Grand
Ebby Holiday ElementarySpace Available
Edwin J. Kiest ElementaryFULL
Harry Stone
Elijah Pease ElementarySpace Available
Hiawatha Williams 
Gabe P. Allen ElementaryFULL
George Peabody ElementarySpace Available
Martin Weiss
Henry B Gonzalez Elementary FULLJanie C. Turner
Hyman ElementarySpace Available
Park in the Woods
J. P. Starks ElementarySpace Available
John C. Phelps
Jesus Moroles ElementarySpace Available
Arlington Park 
Jimmie T. Brashear ElementaryFULLKiest
K.B. Polk ElementaryFULL
KB Polk
KIPP Truth (Ewing)Space Available
Kleberg Elementary FULLKleberg-Rylie
Lakewood ElementaryFULL
Ridgewood Belcher
Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary FULLAnita Martinez
Maple Lawn Elementary
Space Available
Arlington Park
Marcus ElementaryFULL
Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary FULL
Mata ElementaryFULL
Samuell Grand
McWhorter Elementary FULL
Mitchell Elementary Limited Space Available
Mount Auburn ElementaryFULLSamuell Grand
North Lake ElementaryFULL
Lake Highlands
Northwood Hills Elementary Space Available
Obadiah Knight Elementary Space Available
Arlington Park
Obadiah Knight Elementary Space AvailableGrauwyler
PLP Sam HoustonSpace Available
Arlington Park
PLP Sam Houston
Space Available
Paul DunbarSpace AvailableJuanita J. Craft
Preston Hollow Elementary Limited Space Available
Prestonwood ElementaryFULLCampbell-Green
R. L. Thorton ElementaryLimited Space Available
Singing Hills
Reinhardt Elementary Space Available
Harry Stone
Robert T. Hill Middle School Space Available
Harry Stone
Rosemont LowerFULLKidd Springs
Rosemont UpperFULLKidd Springs
Rufus Burleson ElementarySpace Available
Janie C. Turner
St. MonicaSpace Available
Walnut Hill
Trinity Basin (Ewing Campus)FULL 
Eloise Lundy
Uplift Atlas Secondary FULL
Uplift Luna PrimaryFULLReverchon
Uplift Luna SecondaryFULL
Uplift PinnacleFULL 
Thurgood Marshall
Uplift PrimaryFULL
Nash Davis
Uplift SecondaryFULL
Nash Davis
Uplift TriumphFULLBachman
Urban Park ElementarySpace Available
Larry Johnson
Walnut HillLimited Space Available
Walnut Hill
White Rock ElementaryFULLLake Highlands
Williams Uplift (drop off only)Space Available
Walnut Hill

Find the list of Recreation Centers and the schools they serve listed below. 

Recreation CenterSchool Sites

Anita Martinez FULLLorenzo De Zavala

Arcadia FULLMary McLeod BethuneCelestino Soto
Arlington ParkJesus Moroles   Maple LawnObadiah Knight PLP Sam Houston
Bachman FULLUplift Triumph

Beckley-SanerKIPP Truth (Ewing)

Campbell-Green FULLBrentfield ESPrestonwood ESBowie ES
Churchill FULL
Arthur Kramer Preston Hollow
Eloise Lundy FULLTrinity Basin (Ewing Campus)
Exall FULLUplift Atlas Secondary Uplift Luna Secondary
ExlineCharles Rice Learning Center
FiresideEbby Holiday ElementaryA+ Academy Elementary FULL
FretzAnne FrankNorthwood Hills
GrauwylerObadiah Knight Williams Uplift (drop off only)
Harry StoneEdwin J. Kiest  FULLReinhardtRobert T. Hill 
Hiawatha WilliamsElijah Pease

Janie C. Turner
Rufus Burleson Elementary
Henry B Gonzalez - FULL
Jaycee ZaragozaGabe P. Allen

John C. PhelpsJ. P. Starks Elementary

Juanita J. Craft

KB PolkKB Polk Elementary

Kidd Springs FULLRosemont LowerRosemont Upper
Kiest FULL Jimmie T. Brashear Elementary 
Kleberg-Rylie FULLKleberg Elementary 

Lake Highlands FULLNorth Lake ElementaryWhite Rock Elementary
Larry JohnsonAdelfa Callejo ElementaryUrban Park Elementary
Marcus FULLMarcus Elementary

Martin Luther King Jr. 
Billy Dade Elementary

Martin WeissGeorge Peabody Elementary
Nash DavisUplift Primary FULLUplift Secondary - FULL
C F Carr
Park in the WoodsHyman Elementary

Pleasant Oaks FULLAnnie Webb Blanton ES

ReverchonPLP Sam Houston Uplift Luna Primary  FULL
Ridgewood FULLDan D. Rogers ElementaryLakewood Elementary
Samuell Grand FULLMount Auburn ElementaryEast Grand Prep.Mata Elementary
Singing HillsR. L. Thorton Elementary

Thurgood MarshallUplift Pinnacle FULLCarpenter Elementary
TimberglenMcWhorter  FULLMitchell
Walnut HillWithers FULL        DegoylerWalnut HillSt. Monica