How does my school register for the program?
Schools can register for the program by simply having the coach send the registration form via e-mail or fax to (214) 670-0388. Please be sure to indicate if your school is having a either a boy’s or girl’s team or both. Once the e-mail is received, an invite to the league’s coaches meeting will be sent.

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1. How do I start the process of forming a team for a particular sport at my school?
2. What is the cost to participate in this program and how do most schools pay to participate?
3. How does my school register for the program?
4. When and where are games played at and how is transportation arranged?
5. I have a teacher who is willing to lead the program, but is not comfortable serving as the head coach. Can a parent volunteer as a coach for my school?
6. What sports will the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department be offering for the upcoming school year?