What type of food do you serve?
Southern Skates offers a full service snack bar including deep fryer and pizza oven with a sample menu of fries, chicken nuggets, pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream, funnel cakes, dill pickles, nachos, pizza, corn dogs, chili-cheese dogs, and more.

Please note that menu prices and items are subject change without notice.

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1. Can I bring my own skates and are roller blades allowed?
2. Do you rent skates and what sizes do you carry?
3. Do you sell skates?
4. Can we come and leave and return before the skating session is over?
5. Is alcohol permitted in the building?
6. Is Southern Skates available for private rental?
7. Is there an age requirement to skate?
8. What type of food do you serve?
9. May I bring outside food / drinks into Southern Skates?