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Special Event Application

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  2. Special Event Application

    Thank you for choosing Dallas Park and Recreation for your special event. The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department considers a reservation with an estimated attendance of 75+ participants a Special Event and requires organizers to submit a Special Events Application. All Special Events Applications must be submitted at least 90 business days before the event start date and no more than 12 months prior to the event start date.


    An Application fee will be due upon request of a special event. Pricing varies based on the estimated attendance. Please select the number of participants attending your event

  4. Additional Fees

    Additional special event fees, lease fees, and deposits may apply and are included in the terms and conditions. For your convenience, we accept the followings forms of payment: credit card and cashiers check (made payable to the Dallas Park and Recreation Department). Fees will be collected upon acceptance of the application.

  5. Have you promoted this type of event, or one similar before? If yes, please list the name of the event, date, and location


    Please select your event type:

  7. Title of your event

  8. Please describe your event:

  9. Admission Fees*

    Is there an admission fee for your event?

  10. Registration Fees*

    Is there a registration fee for your event?

  11. Charitable Beneficiary*

    Are event proceeds benefiting a person, organization or charity?

  12. Please indicate the event date and time, from beginning to end. If it's a one day event please indicate and make sure you have included start and end times. If it's a one day event please complete the event day that corresponds to your event below. If your event is several days please complete the days that correspond with your event. For example if your one day event is on a Saturday, please complete the Event Schedule for Saturday. If your event is Thursday - Sunday, please complete the Event Schedules for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please be sure to include the number of estimated participants and spectators that correspond to your event day(s).

  13. Event Participants & Spectators

    Please indicate the largest number of Participants and Spectators below if your event is multiple days.

  14. MONDAY




  18. FRIDAY


  20. SUNDAY

  21. Please include the event location, park name and address. List street(s) affected by the event and proposed street closures, if applicable. For runs, include start/finish lines and route:


    Please check the appropriate boxes that pertain to your event. You may be required to obtain additional permits and incur additional fees based on your event content. Contact information will be provided in your Preliminary Letter once your applications has been ACCEPTED for processing.


    Do you have any event sponsors with Exclusive Sale and/or Advertising Agreements?

  24. If so, please list event sponsor(s) with EXCLUSIVE SALE and/or ADVERTISING AGREEMENT(S). Please list company/brand and agreement details:


    Please read and accept the terms and conditions outlined in the Dallas Park and Recreation Department Special Event Application Terms and Conditions: Click here for Special Event Terms and Conditions

  26. Terms And Conditions*

    By checking the box below, I agree to the terms and conditions and would like to conclude the Special Event Application. Applications are required no less than 30 business days prior to the event.

  27. By signing above, I, the applicant confirm that I have read and understand the information contained in the application; and agree to conduct the special event in compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances, laws and the conditions, outlined in the Special Event Preliminary Letter, which will be distributed once my Special Event Application has been ACCEPTED. Furthermore, I confirm that all information provided in the Special Event Application is factual and complete. APPLICATIONS WITH MISSING INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

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