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Walnut Hill Recreation Center

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  1. Baseball Field
  2. Fitness Center
  3. Gymnasium
  4. Kitchen
  5. Large Meeting / Program Room(s)
  6. Outdoor Basketball Court
  7. Parking
  8. Playground
  9. Pool
  10. Small Meeting / Program Room(s)
  11. Tennis Court

Walnut Hill is located in North Dallas at the corner of Midway Rd and Walnut Hill Rd. The Walnut Hill recreation center was built in 1960 with funds raised by Mrs. William (Ann) Kelman. Mrs. Kelman was realtor and developer and was the first woman to serve on the City’s Board of Adjustment. She was also the president of Goodwill Industries and chairman of the Parks and Gardens Committee of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. This center reopened its doors in 2013 after undergoing major renovations.


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