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Samuell Grand Recreation Center

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  1. Amphitheater
  2. Baseball Field
  3. Driving Range
  4. Fitness Center
  5. Fitness Center Showers
  6. Full-Service Golf Pro Shop
  7. Full-Service Tennis Shop
  8. Garden Areas
  9. Golf Course
  10. Gymnasium
  11. Kitchen
  12. Large Meeting Room
  13. Parking
  14. Playground
  15. Pool
  16. Shaded Areas
  17. Small Meeting Room
  18. Soccer Field
  19. Tennis Center
  20. Tennis Court

Samuell Grand Recreation Center is located in East Dallas near the intersection of Samuell Blvd and Grand Ave. Samuell-Grand was named for Dr. W.W Samuell and the street on which it sits. Dr Samuell willed 42 tracts, about 900 acres, of land to the Park Department in 1937. The recreation center, park and the two golf courses are just a few of the park department amenities on the property willed by Dr. Samuell. This facility recently reopened its doors after undergoing a major renovation.


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The Cove at Samuell Grand

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