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Kleberg Rylie Recreation Center

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  1. Baseball Field
  2. Benches
  3. Fitness Center
  4. Gymnasium
  5. Kitchen
  6. Lake / Pond
  7. Large Meeting / Program Room(s)
  8. Parking
  9. Small Meeting / Program Room(s)
  10. Tennis Court
  11. Trails

In 1984 the Park department bought the approximately the 20 acres the Kleberg-Rylie Park and Recreation Center now stand from the Chamco Corporation. The land originally was the site for Kleberg-Rylie Branch Library. The recreation center was built in 1989 and remodeled in 1998. Kleberg-Rylie is named for the neighborhood it is in. On February 9, 2012 First lady Michelle Obama joined chef contestants from past seasons of the Bravo series “Top Chef” and members of the Dallas Cowboys at Kleberg-Rylie to promote healthier food choices for students in the nation’s schools.


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