Dallas Golden Games

This Olympics style fitness and leisure competition is for adults 50 and over, of all ability levels. This year's event will begin on August 30th and run through  September 29th, 2023. Participants will be able to compete in 9 different competitive sports. 

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Event Admission Details

  • All Events Require a $25.00 registration fee in addition to the individual sport fee. 
  • Fees are per event, per person.
  • Golf will consist of the $25.00 registration fee, plus $80.00 event fee which covers 18 holes for players 80+ Men and Women, and 36 holes for players 50-79.
  •  Athletes must have a partner to enter doubles events. 
  • During registration, you must enter your partners’ name. 
  • Dallas Golden Games representative will not be responsible for identifying doubles partners. 
  • Each partner will be responsible for completing their own registration form.

Competitive Events 

  • BASKETBALL  |  $5 per athlete / per event
    • Men’s & Women's Free Throw
    • Men’s & Women's Around the World 
  • BOWLING  |  $15 per athlete tournament fee
  • CORNHOLE  | $10 per athlete tournament fee 
  • GOLF  |   $80 per athlete tournament fee
  • PICKLEBALL (INDOOR) | $10 per athlete tournament fee
  • SWIMMING |  $5 per athlete/per event 
  • TABLE TENNIS | $15 per athlete tournament fee 
  • TENNIS   |  $5 per athlete/per event
  • TRACK AND FIELD |  $5 per athlete/per event

Event Schedule

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The Dallas Park and Recreation Department Senior Program Division Golden Games event is a non-qualifying site for Texas Senior Games. For additional information on how to qualify please visit https://txseniorgames.org/