L.B. Houston

The L.B. Houston Park mountain bike trail (10 miles) is within the L.B Houston Greenbelt and the Elm Fork Greenbelt in Northwest Dallas near the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. 

This is a beginner to intermediate trail with over 10 miles that is well-marked with markers signifying turns, hills etc. This trail is ideal for both endurance building rides and leisurely rides.


L.B. Houston is 10 miles currently comprised of the following skill areas:
L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - California Crossing 

  • Wilderness Way - Outer Loop
  • River Loop (Wilderness Way)
  • Front Loop
  • Dips Loop 
  • Tech Loop
  • Back Loop (Wilderness Way)  Access to Wildwood Trails
  • Pipeline Loop
  • Rail Road Loop
  • Jeep Loop
  • Lake Loop
  • Lil Dips Loop

L. B. Houston Nature Trail Head - Wildwood Road

  • River Trail
  • Beaver Trail
  • Creek Trail
  • Swamp Trail

All trails are mostly in the trees.  A number of areas of the trail come close to the edge of Trinity River, making for a very pleasant environment. This is a multi-use trail so please be considerate of all other trail users.

Trail Steward
Steve Baumgartner, DORBA