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  1. Contact Park and Recreation Board

    Submit this form to contact a Park and Recreation Board member

  2. Contact Us
  3. Email Park and Recreation Board

    Submit this form to contact the entire Park and Recreation Board

  4. Park Ranger Speaker Request Form

    Dallas Park Rangers are goodwill ambassadors, who are committed to providing the highest standards of public safety to ensure all... More…

  1. Contact Park and Recreation Department Administration
  2. Contract Fee Vendor Inquiry
  3. Email Recreation Center Staff

    Submit this form to email staff at a specific Recreation Center.

  4. Urban Biologist Speaker Request Form

    The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department's Urban Biology Division is responsible for leading a natural resource management... More…

Media Forms

  1. Interview Request
  2. Speakers Bureau
  1. PET Assistance Form

    Use this form to solicit assistance from the Public Engagement Team for electronic distribution and media attention.

  2. Speakers Bureau Request Form

    Welcome to the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Speakers Bureau. Our designated speakers are experts in their fields, who are eager... More…

Public Input

  1. RFQ - Fair Park Automobile Building and various other Park and Recreation Buildings.

    Please complete this form to submit any questions related to the Request for Qualifications(RFQ) for Professional Consulting Services... More…

Registration Forms

  1. Active Shooter Training

    All PKR Recreation Services Employees are required to attend one of the training dates. This is a safety training to equip you with... More…

  2. RFQ - Fair Park Buildings and other Park and Recreation Department Buildings.

    Submitting this form will let us know where to send notifications about the project during the Proposer Selection Phase.

  1. Project Sew

    Registration form for Project Sew

  2. Teen Tech Participant Registration Form

    Participant registration form for the Teen Tech Center.

Reservation Office Forms

  1. Reservation Request Form

    Request form for athletic field, special event, picnic, wedding, pool and building reservations.

  1. Special Event Application

    Thank you for choosing Dallas Park and Recreation for your special event. The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department considers a... More…