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Posted on: September 12, 2016

Think Again Before You Feed the Ducks

Feeding the Ducks

Over the years we’ve learned that wildlife feeding is not the best idea. In fact, wildlife feeding tends to be the cause of many problems.

Ducks and geese who are accustomed to being fed by people have no fear and are conditioned to be around people. They expect to be rewarded with food and it’s common for them to be aggressive, especially geese.

Many people give the ducks and geese bread and corn but those are not healthy food options for waterfowl. Their diets should consist of aquatic insects, plants, and seeds; and some waterfowl eat fish and acorns. Bread and corn give waterfowl a small boost of energy but shouldn’t be a mainstay of their diet.

Feeding also leads to unbalanced ecological issues. When birds are fed in concentrated areas, it greatly increases the chances of disease. Some of the potential diseases can even make people sick. The high concentration of waterfowl also can impact the water quality. The increase in fecal matter makes the water very nutrient rich, which leads to high algae bloom. When that algae bloom brown outs, it uses up all the oxygen and effects the other wildlife.

High waterfowl concentrated areas also leads to trampling of shoreline vegetation. This in turn causes increased erosion along the banks, and increased sedimentation in the water. This can be seen in several areas around White Rock Lake.

We also have special situations, where high waterfowl concentrations at Bachman Lake can create potentially hazardous conditions at Love Field Airport. Bachman Lake lies on the northwest boundary of Love Field.

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