Dallas Park Rangers

Dallas Park Rangers are a team of dedicated men and women that support the department’s mission by providing efficient and effective services to park visitors. As Park Rangers, they embody public safety and security while fostering environmental stewardship. Easily recognizable in their uniforms, the Park Rangers monitor parks, trails, and recreation facilities across the city and educate park goers on park regulations, ordinances and safety measures to ensure a memorable experience.

Monthly Park Visits by Park Rangers

Month Number of Visits Month Number of Visits
October '17 522 April '18 553
November '17 635 May '18 786
December '17 646 June '18 1287
January '18 793 July '18 1230
February '18 588 August '18 1367
March '18 541 September '18 1233


Lil’ Ranger Badge 

Park Rangers will give these special badges to our young park visitors when we see them being good park stewards and helping enforce park rules. Picking up trash or walking your dog on a leash are just a few things you could do to keep your park safe and fun while earning a Lil' Ranger Badge. 



Community Involvement

Our Park Rangers are actively involved in the park communities. You may see them meeting different school groups to help educate them on the Do's and Don'ts of Dallas Parks. You can also find our Park Rangers at various community events helping to teach citizens how to stay safe while enjoying a family day at the park! 

Park Ranger Brochure 2
Park Ranger Brochure 1