Here's How to Be a Volunteer!

• Must go through an interview process
• Must fill out a volunteer application
• Must undergo a screening process

Screening procedures may include reference checks, local and national criminal background checks and a review of the national sex offenders list for any history of sexual and violent crimes. These checks will be filed and renewed every two years for those on-going volunteers whose jobs places them with at risk participants. All volunteers to be placed with at-risk clients shall submit adequate information to allow the City to conduct these checks. Volunteers who refuse permission to conduct these checks will not be accepted for placement.

When the background check is completed, the Office of Volunteer Services receives a copy of the applicant’s criminal history record. If the criminal background record check discloses an adjudication or conviction for any of the below-listed offenses, the volunteer applicant shall automatically be disqualified from participation as a volunteer, and shall not have any right of appeal:
• child abuse
• sexual abuse of a minor/adult
• sexual assault
• causing a child’s death
• neglect of a child or any other individual for whom the potential
  volunteer had/has responsibility
• kidnapping
• murder
• manslaughter
• felony assault
• prostitution
• identity theft
• burglary/aggravated robbery
• terroristic threats
• stalking
• drug offenses with the intent to deliver
• arson
• indecent exposure/public lewdness
• child pornography
• criminal sexual conduct

A volunteer’s failure to disclose pending charges shall result in immediate termination. If during the course of volunteering with the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department, a volunteer is arrested for any of the offenses listed above, he/she may be terminated from his/her position.

A volunteer may be disqualified from volunteering based on a history of repetitive conduct or other offenses, which, in the discretion of the Office of Volunteer Services, may be inappropriate for the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department. The volunteer applicant is responsible for correcting inaccurate information that may be contained in the criminal records.