Urban Forestry

The department maintains the health and vigor of trees on Dallas parks to protect the urban canopy through routine tree maintenance, planting, pruning, and removal.  A citizen forestry course is offered to teach basic tree physiology and botany, tree identification, and tree care. 


Forestation and reforestation efforts are enhanced by Dallas Park and Recreation tree planting programs.  In 2013, Dallas adopted the title Trees Please.  

Trees Please is an opportunity for the Dallas community to participate in tree planting program by volunteering to plant tree, provide funding or in-kind services for irrigation and other related items. 

This seasonal tree planting event is organized by the City Forester and is powered by community volunteers, including the Citizen Foresters.  Past tree plantings include White Rock Lake at Big Thicket and Stone Tables, Kiest Park, Danieldale Park, Tipton Park and Friendship Park.  Dallas Park and Recreation planted 3,000 trees in 2013-14 as a part of the Trees Please program.